You drive a strip club crowd and not a Dance Floor

The first thing a DJ should know when he’s working in a strip club is that you should not play the music the way you are playing in a dance nightclub (this is the most common error i have see when visiting others club). The fact is that you don’t drive a Dance Floor and your job is not to make the crowd dance, you have to entertain your crowd make them comfortable and try to make them feel horny as possible so, they will spend the money on drink and for the more brave and horny guy they will go in private with one of your girls. Remember an happy stripper who’s doing a good night an making money will grant you some tips at the end of the night!
I’m conscious that for many DJ the fact that you don’t drive a dance floor may seem boring but take it in another way, when you don’t have to make the crowd dance you can experiment some mix, then try them if you are booked in dance night club/rave/after hour the night your are not at your strip club job. You can try some new music, anyway the crowd are not there to hear your perfect beat to beat 130 BPM mix and anyway if you are doing a mistake while mixing this will be mostly unnoticed because the guys are there for the hot girls and not heard the perfect DJ mix.

New site updates

Since this blog is pretty new i still doing some mods to the design and trying widget and plugin to give the reader a better experience!
now you can listen to ambient music when you are surfing my blog i have install a widget radio form the site