How to enter the local DJ scene then strip club scene

Well, like any others job you have to make your class, starting in smaller venue, bar (not necessary stripper club) are the best way to learn your job! because DJing in a stripper club is not only about music because you are covering a wide range of responsibility and working with 20 to 30 girls is not an easy task. As you are working in smaller club you learn to deal with night club boss which are very special sometime, crowd, drunk guy that are aways bothering you with special request or the customers who want a song but don’t know event the artist or title of the tracks and then start singing song those guys are pretty annoying and are so ludicrous but you have to deal with them because they are customer! Also be very careful you never know who are your customer it’s maybe a manager from a big club! be always kind even with the more annoying guy, the fact is that dealing with annoying or drunk people are a part of your jobs!

Another reason to start your career in smaller venue is that you can try different kind of music, different way of mixing songs then you can practise your voice if you ever have a mic! if the club don’t provide you a Mic buy one and try interact with the customer even if you are working on a very small venue with only 20 customer! with the money you are doing i advice you to buy a mixing board and CDJ player for practising at home!