Strippers : New house music to strip on your fast stage

Hey girls! i am aware that lots of strippers like house music very much but do not necessarily know the track or the artists names or even know ne sexy dance music you could use for your stage routine!!
So here are some groovy and sexy song you can use for you fast stage routine!

Doc Phatt – Fuck me on the dance floor (DJ Antoine mix)
DJ Antoine – This Time (Klaas Remix)
ERIKA Jayne – Roller Coaster
D-Troy vs Housemeisters – I Like U

  • awesome site love the info.. thanks! been doin this for about three years.. and lovin it. workin on improving my craft.. and makin more money.. any more great song lists? etc? the antoine stuff was good.. couldn’t seem to find those old rock mixez.. i have a few good songs i cna throw your way too if you like??

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