Gothic, Industrial and Metal song for stripper fast stage and dancing!

I know some club don’t want stripper to dance on more noisy music like industrial, heavy metal or gothic music, personally i think all clubs should let stripper dance on the song they want apart from song with degrading lyric that we can find on many rap/hip hop song (in fact i’ll never understand a stripper who’s dancing on a song degrading her!! i swear in my DJ life i have see so many girls dancing on song such as garbage: stupid girls, Ja rule :down ass bitch, Ying Yang Twins Pull My hair and such!)

So here are some Gothics rock, metal and industrial tracks you should try on your fast stage if you are into more heavy music!

Eisbrecher is a German metal/electronic music band, Their style belongs to the so called Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) sub-genre.

Zeromancer is a Norwegian Alternative/Industrial-Synth Rock group.

The Birthday Massacre is a Synth Rock band, based in Toronto, Canada and generally associated with the cybergoth driven scene.

Faderhead – Girly Show: one of THE newcomers ( of 2006 ) in hard melodic song-based Electro return one year after their eponynous debut with the simply titled “FH2”.

Metallspuerhunde – Die Letzte Grosse Fahrt This nice german band combine influences of goth, pop electro and noise elements to form nothing but an extraordinary style that they call pop goth rock.

The 69 Eyes are a Finnish rock band, formed in Helsinki September 1989[

Industrial goth stripper