Some new Song for fast stage, Guy your girls will love you!

Here are some hot strippers songs i’ve discover during the last few weeks! those are cool mid-tempo house (126-130 bpm) and very easy to dance on and prefect for a strippers fast stage routine!
Every Strip Club DJ should know their regular girls and the cutest and strippers are always happy when their dj offer them new song and for sure the tips will be surely pretty good for you at the end of the night 🙂

Chic Flowerz pres Patrice Strike – Music (Original Mix)

Starkillers feat. Gina – Scream (Original Mix)

Telemode – What Else (Original Mix)

Star Tattoed – Make Me High

24 Soundtrack – Fox Tv (Benny Benassi Lifesucks Mix)
-sorry the sound suck on this one..mp3 are very rare too and with this one you need lot of smoke and strob light you need a very energetic girls as well!

i hope i helping you in your quest of the perfect strippers music