Slow and sexy music to strip to

So here are some slow ans sensual music to strip to or only to pass a naughty night with you lover! As you already know music is very important if not the most important for building an unforgettable sexy night. Most people don’t know where or how to find sensual music and i’m here to help you!

Pass your mouse over the blue link to open the media reader and listen to the music.

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>Karunesh – Solitude
This one is a very oriental influenced song with Arabic style groove this song will seduce you and your foreign customer! i private life with you lover maybe a hot tubs with candle would be nice:)

Global Spirit - Karunesh

Magna Canta – Aethera et Terra
Here is a very slow and sexy song for velveted ambiance this song have soft electronic background music with monk vocals. Let the music invade you let it relax you!

Enchanted Spirits - Magna Canta

This song is for the Gothics/dark stripper, i know many of you are searching for good song that are acceptable in club and that will not scare the customers. Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle.
i recommend you this song : Puscifer Rev 22:20 Dry Martini Mix This track is a slow dark and jazzy. the main instrument is piano remind me of dark movie such as Blue Velvet. You will feel pretty sexy while doing your slower dance routine, ask your dj for only blue tamed light, smoke and very slow strob light .

Velvet Acid Christ – Slut
Any Vampire stripper out there? any of you would like to strip on a strange and groovy industrial song this one is for you!! very deep and dirty feeling with a depress female singer!

Fun With Knives - Velvet Acid Christ

Carfax Abbey – Cry Little Sister
A hallowed cry forms from the depth of penetrating electronic sounds, a heavy bass, thick drum hit and sharp guitar that conveys is the emotions and intensity of Carfax Abbey. They do a magnificent cover of the lost boy soundtrack : cry little sister

It Screams Disease - Carfax Abbey

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Gabriel and Dresden Chillout Remix)
Here is a beautifully remix of the hit trance song as the rush comes this version is very chill and relax with one of the most sensual female voice ever! If you are an experiment stripper and a good dancer the customer will literally fall in love with you and literally open their wallet for you!

As the Rush Comes - Motorcycle

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  • JannyBug

    Top notch suggestion for dance tunes! Most lists I find on the ‘net are just absolutely corny and aren’t put together from a dancer’s point of view. I mean, who would professionally dance to “Sexual Healing” and expect to [sincerely] pull it off? Thanks for saving the day!!!!!

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  • Tara

    hi.i absolutely love your site but i was lookin for some songs like this with no voice just the beat but even more slow and sexy.if you could show some i would apreciate it 🙂
    keep up the good work

  • jess

    I just started taking pole dancing lessons and I have a bunch of songs that I dance to. I would suggest these:

    strict machine by goldfrapp
    ooh la la by goldfrapp
    erotica by madonna
    black cherry by goldfrapp
    indra by the thievery corporation
    treasures by the thievery corporation
    how do you feel by vanessa dauo
    two to tango by vanessa dauo
    if and only by the batterie
    stripper by sohodolls
    dirty laundry by Bitter:sweet

    These songs are a lot more upbeat than the ones mentioned and more pop in some ways and they all feel like pole dancing songs.

  • monica

    thx jess, love your picks

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  • BluesMonster

    how about these:

    James Taylor – Steamroller
    Otis Redding – A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
    Ray Carles – Night Time is the Right Time