New sexy dance song for stripping!

Here are some very sexy trance, house and dance tracks strippers can use for their fast stage routine! But i know some you love faster song for your second stage so you can use them as well for strip for your slow and sensual song to clothes off! i listen music like crazy and have some crazy skill for discovering new song so i invite you in my world.
Miss Kittin : Grace – Minimalistic electro artist Miss kitten are back with a cd loaded with very easy dance song with a pop edge ! the voice of Caroline HervĂ© (PlastikGirl) still on of the sexiest on earth! so on this new cd i strongly recommend you the song Grace, this is a mid tempo song easy to strip with a some rock guitar riff!

Combichrist- Get your body beat – This song is especially dedicated for the most brave stripper around because some customer even the DJ or your boss will be shocked by this very aggressive techno song but if the club have lots of light effect, a strong strob light and a smoke machine every bodies in the club will look at you for sure!! Combichrist is an Aggrotech/EBM/industrial/dance artist and the release of Get Your Body Beat in 2006 turned out to be a commercial breakout for the band.
Several remix of the songs are available, the album version is the best to my ears!

David Guetta feat Tara Mcdonal – Delirious – WOW girls and DJ the new David Guetta song is here and as always this is a Delirious track, be the first to offer that nice track to your co-worker! or be the first to strip on this instant top notch dance song!
here is the extended version. a little advice on this one start the song at 50 secondes then enter the stage at 1:30 the the break is at 2 minutes

Eric Prydz – Sweet Genesis – Everybody who’s clubbing these last 3-4 year have heard or even watch the very horny video from Eric Prydz – Call on me Unless you live under a rock!! then now Prydz is back with a very intense new song, this is a kinda very powerful version of eurythmics – sweet dream, every girls in the club will go crazy and dancing everywhere:) start the song at 45 seconde ! the punch line at around 2:30 is absolutely delicious the bass is so groovy