Dark and sexy music for dance and strip

Did you ever feel more dark or looking for a song that will demarcate you from your coworker?do you love to to wear black latex while you are doing your stage? do you like to feel like a vampire in a long black satin dress ? those song will give you the effect you are looking for !

Blutengel – angels of the dark
Blutengel is the stepping stone of the new German electro-Gothic movement their haunted melodies will charm you and your audience for sure! the sensual voice of Chris Pohl mixed with two female singer is absolutely gorgeous! you can use this song orothers song for BlutEngel (German: Blood Angel) for your fast as well as your slow stage!

Diary of Dreams – Traumtänzer
Dark lyrics, Dark Vocal and dark music with a sexy and sensual edge Diary of Dreams will please every one who’s like dark erotica music, remind me a little bits of Depeche Mode with the today electronic sound and a darker edge!

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine
warning!! this song is only for experiment stripper, good dancer and especially if your DJ can play with light, smoke and stobs light, this song is a lustful masterpiece of gothic black metal and this a mix of very slow dark metal with very fast and intense part. the singer Dani Filth have an impressive range of vocal and the soprano female singer Liv Kristine do a perfect duet!but warning this song is not for for everyone and most club will refused to play this kinda song so use it at your own risk!

Apocalyptica feat. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil “SOS (Anything But Love)
When a groups classically trained cellists named Apocalyptica meet the goddess Cristina Scabbia the result is on the best dark rock slow song that i’ve heard for many years! this song is a must for all dark and rock stripper in the world! nuff said!

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