New sexy dance songs for StripClub

This always fun to strip and dance on new sexy song, be the first to strip on these brand new song! provoke jealousy’s amongst your co-worker 🙂

here is a small list of new sexy house songs!

Inez – Stronger
Mid tempo house song with sexy female vocals very easy listening house song. the lyrics
are pretty interesting too!

The Ian Carey Project – Redlite
Danceflooor anthem at his best get ready to make all the girls at the club dance everywhere with this great house track!!
huge huge huge tune by ian carey. i have no idea if this came out before keep on rising but, at least to me, this tune is just as good. ian carey is a dominant force in house music right now be the first to strip on this song!

Yelle – A Cause des Garcons (Riot in Belgium Remix)
Sexy house song with french lyrics (because of the boys), so give a try to this very hot euro-dance track! Rrrrrriiiiiiioooootttt! It’s stuff like this that will makes you dance on stage, do sexy move and feel naughty, like an Europeans stripper!

you can listen these song by using this player!