This is summer!! Some new song for your striptease!

Well, what’s new under the the sun in the world of sensual dance/house or sexy pop rock music ?
The big name have all their new summer single or CD ready to rock the dance floor or strip club stage around the world! so this is the time for smart strippers to try some new sexy song and arrived at the DJ booth with your brand new set before all the others girls!!
So this is the time to pick up some new Sexy Hit Single and this is to you arrived the first at the job with your new tracks !
be quick, be in advance and get on stage with new song and impress your co-worker then have some fun and smile on your stage then all the guy will open their wallet for you!!! DJ all girls will fight for these songs so you know whats you have to do! give this song to girl which give you good tips and are cool with you!
good luck to all !

here is a quick list of top 40 and popular music to strip to! i’ll not comment the song
Mariah Carey – Bye Bye
Alicia Keys – Teenage Love Affair
Estelle f./Kanye West – American Boy
September – Cry For You
Kid Rock – All Summer Long
Three Days Grace – Pain
Rihanna – Take A Bow
Usher – Love In This Club
G-Unit – I Like The Way She Do It
Wyclef Jean f./Lupe Fiasco – Fast Car
Coldplay – Violet Hill
The Offspring – Hammerhead
PhonJaxx Cosi Costi – Sensual
Crystal Waters vs Speakerbox – Dancefloor
Duffy – mercy
Flo-Rida f./Will.I.Am – In The Ayer
Ashanti – The Way That I Love You Updated Mix
Lady Gaga f./Colby O’Donis – Just dance
Kaskade & Deadmau5 – Move for me
Milk Inc. – Sunrise
Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine Sander van Doorn Remix
Fragma – Toca’s Miracle Inpetto Remix
Supafly Inc. – Be Together
Ladytron – Ghosts
Static Revenger presents Love Song Surprise – Satellite
Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir TEPR Remix
Adam K & Soha – Long Distance
Adam K & Soha – Twilight
Ferry Corsten ft. Howard Jones – Into The Dark
Gianluca Motta Feat.Molly – Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)
Kaskade- 4 AM (Adam K and Soha Remix)

you can listen them using this imeem player
strippers music june 01 2008

Carmen Electra launches stripper pole range

Carmen Electra has another venture to add to her resume – she is launching her own line of portable stripper poles.

The ‘Scary Movie’ star is such a fan of pole-dancing, she wants women worldwide to be able to enjoy a pole dancer’s workout in the comfort of their own home.

She tells website “They’re so much fun. I actually put one up in my living room with the help of a girlfriend.”

But the beauty admits the pole’s technique can be hard to get to grips with.

She explains: “Pole dancing really isn’t as easy as it looks. I’m still taking pointers. It’s a good workout.”

Jobcentre ads for strippers surprise MPs

Wow ! strippers jobs offer at a UK jobcenter check this article!

Robert Booth
The Guardian

Jobcentres have been criticised for offering women as young as 17 work as strippers and lap dancers, with some vacancies listing the ability to “discuss sexual fantasies” as a useful skill. A charity that works with women in the sex trade told MPs on the home affairs select committee that the government was acting irresponsibly by putting the jobs on its database.

“We have had contact with two 17-year-olds who have gone into the jobcentre and it brought up a number of vacancies,” said Denise Marshall, director of the Poppy Project. The jobs included webcam strippers, adult show hostesses and escort agency workers. “Their mother and older sister contacted us because they were so distressed that this had happened.”

The database does not ask applicants to confirm their age before displaying the vacancies, Marshall said. Some adverts offered only a mobile phone number for the employer, she added. The jobs can also be viewed over the internet.

“When you are offering £20 an hour to be a webcam stripper to a 17-year-old, the chances are they may be naive,” she said. A member of staff from the Poppy Project accessed the adverts at jobcentres around London, despite the charity’s protest to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Members of the home affairs committee criticised the practice. “I am not happy at the government promoting this sort of inappropriate work for women,” said Labour MP Ann Cryer. “I did not know this was happening and I hope the jobcentres will rethink it.” The DWP said it was legally obliged to carry the vacancies after a test case brought by the Ann Summers sex shop chain in 2003. A spokeswoman said the jobs were clearly labelled as unsuitable for under-18s.

USB Stripper

i’ve find this funny article i wanna share with you!

Well for all of you out there that have given up on ever getting laid, there may be hope yet. You might at least get to see one more naked lady in your life (besides your mother), and for you it’s the USB powered stripper (of course you’ll have to scrape her painted bikini off first with your car keys)! For 169,00 DK you can have a plastic Barbie glued to a pole that
usb stripper
gyrates and rubs up and down her pole in time to the flashing lights and backing music.

Sound too good to be true? It probably is. Better luck in the next life. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to get ready for a date, my centerfold girlfriends are coming over to play twister.

Just kidding guys, I have faith in you. Get out there and touch a boobie (a real one – and legally).


Sexy Metal and Hard Rock version of old song you can use for stripping !

Sometime it’s kinda fun to dance on an older song. But it’s way more funnier stripping on a refresh version of this old music! you can see the face and eyes expression of the guy in the room ! sometime man will talk between them while they are look at you during your stage! well then after your stage routine very often guys will talk with you and asking you which song version were you stripping on and the discussion is started then this is your chance to offer him a dance and doing some money!

here are some cover version you may use for your stage!
HIM – Wicked Game
“Wicked Game” is a 1989 song by Chris Isaak from his third studio album Heart Shaped World. The Finnish band HIM remade this song on several CD The last recording they made of it then reappeared on their compilation album And Love Said No – The Greatest Hits 1997-2004. With “Wicked Game” on their EP and first album, HIM gained fame in their native Finland. HIM lead sing Ville Valo have a very sensual dark vocal!

Dope – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
This nu metal version of 80’s hit you spin me round is absolutely crowd catcher and will start the party in the club for sure!!
“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” is a song originally released by Dead or Alive on their 1985 album Youthquake. Originally released in November 1984, the record reached number one in March 1985, taking seventeen weeks to get there. In the US, the single peaked at #11 in September of that same year. The song is covered by the industrial metal band Dope. This version can be found on American Psycho: Music from the Controversial Motion Picture.

Nonpoint – In The Air Tonight
“In the Air Tonight” is a song by Phil Collins which first appeared on his 1981 album, Face Value. It was also the first single of Collins’ solo career, and remains one of his best known hits.
I first heard this version on the Miami Vice trailer. This version I think is better then the Phil Collins version. it’s a lot more rock and with a some heavy guitar play. this song may be very interesting for your slow stage!

Beseech – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
here is a Gothic metal version of ABBA hits!! using very slow and and dark tempo witth doomed vocals beseech give an original twist to this old disco song! this is kinda gloomy listen the lyrics – Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight won’t somebody help me chase these shadows away, gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight take me through the darkness to the break of the day – with the very dark and deep male singer voice! this song is perfect for the Gothics and latex stripper queen know who you are ! 🙂

Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence
well at my taste this is one of the best metal cover song! this song have it all melodies, rhythm, greath sound and very sexy male/female duet vocal! Enjoy the Silence” is Depeche Mode’s twenty-fourth UK single, released on February 5, 1990, and the second single from the album Violator. Lacuna Coil features it as their album Karmacode’s 13th and final track! LACUNA COIL have created an intense and mesmerizing reworking of the classic DEPECHE MODE track and made it their own, with Marco Coti Zelati, the band’s bassist, adding new arrangements and vocal parts to make it the perfect LACUNA COIL song.