New Sexy house and dance song !

Wow! summer is coming and tons of great songs are ready to attack chart and dancefloor around the world! then at the same time all this hot new music will invade strip club and as you know those club are one of the best way to discover new talent! the reason is pretty easy, because as strip club DJ we must play the song at least for 3 minute/4 minutes depending of the club. this is not the place to do beat to beat mix and or crazy mixing stuff, you just play the track so the stripper can do her show and the customer will listen to the music as they watch the show!

so here are some new house music you should try for your stage!

Dirty Detune – Feel (remute remix)
This a nice track for you fast stage, very electronic sound with deep jazzy vocals with some distortion. very good track!

Brand new projekt with the famous DJ & Producers Arnold Palmer, Geen Plank (whether Dance No 1 Hit BACKSIDE ARTISTS vs. GEEN PLANK ‘sonic empire 2007’) Disko Punks & and last not least E-Mine. pretty fast song with female vocal you’ll absolutely love this one!

Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Stonebridge Club Mix)
For those yet to have had their hair ruffled by the gale force of her industrial strength vocal, Sia is the Australian version of the pop singer the Swedes call Robyn and the Americans call Pink. You know the look – Amazonian, blonde – and you’re definitely familiar with the voice – reinforced with steel, able to strip tarmac at twenty paces. All you need now, you’re probably thinking, is the USP.

Suicidal Romance – Not Alone
now in a more dark and sensual mood, Estonie electro Gothic artist Suicidal Romance do a more then perfect blend of pop dance song with a very dark and well suicidal feeling 😉 . Their body-pop style can be described as the offspring between Blutengel, Les Anges De La Nuit and Fortification 55, which directly brings us to their main influences. “Not alone” is perfect pieces with real efficient dance vibes for those of you wich are looking for something fresh and undergound!

Crisk – Beute
warning this one is pretty heavy dance song with german scream and very harsh feeling!
Electro Clash? Punk Pop? Techno Body Music? crisk. is all of this and much more all at the same time, brilliantly putting together the best elements of the 70’s provocative punk movement, the unmistakable hooks and melodies of the 80’s, the fast and fat techno beats of the 90’s and the naïve less is more touch of the new millennium.
you can listen to these songs by using this Imeem player

this is all for now next post will be in a few days.. keep surfing my blog , and don’t be shy leave comment or advice! if you ever have some song or experiment you would like to share with me and my surfer just leave me a comment and ill contact you by mail!