Pictures of strip club clients being posted on Internet

By ABC-7 reporter/anchor Celina Avila

EL PASO, Texas – Canutillo residents protesting the Pegasus men’s club took their fight to another level, the Internet.

Smile…That’s what many protestors of the Pegasus night club are asking clients of the club to do. That is because opponents of the club have created a web site through and are posting pictures of the cars and license plate numbers of customers inside the club.

Hector Arce is part owner of the club. He told ABC-7 he’s aware there are people in the community who disapprove of his business but taking pictures is going too far.

Arce said protestors are taking pictures of not only his clients, but also some of his employees, the dancers, and that can be dangerous.

Although, there were no pictures of dancers posted on the site, Arce said he is following the law and wishes the protestors would respect that.

He said he has contacted an attorney and is looking into filing legal action against the people taking the pictures.