Sexy rock song to strip to

Cool Rock song is always winning formula in strip club, most guy like rock music and typical 35-45 years old customer are into rock music as well! so rock and metal song is a good choice of music do a striptease!
so here is a small list of new sexy rock song for stripping!

Apocalyptica feat Adam Gontier : I Dont Care
Apocalyptica is certainly one of the band that have growing the faster in the last years. This very poppy song starring Adam Gontier lead singer and guitarist of Three Days Grace will give them more listener and maybe a commercial breakthrough, who know? this song have all the typical rock song element and is pretty easy for dancing and strips!

LoveX – take a Shot
Lovex are Finish rocker and maybe they will be the next Bon Jovi? they have the look, they are young and cute, they have solid rock sound and their new single Take a shot is a monster potential hit!
fast-paced hard rock song with strong melodies and monstrous hook make this song a perfect fast stage song!

HIM – Right here in my arms
this is not a very new song, but this is one of my personal favourite! this is my Car song, driving on highway listen to HIM is so cool and make you want push the pedal! in a stripper stage point of view this is a red-hot rock anthem and will aroused the male crowd for sure!

In Flames – Cloud Connected Remix
In Flames – Come Clarity
You should use the remix version of this song, the way it sound make me think about old stripper classic song : White Zombie – More human than human. In Flames is a very well know metal band in the underground scene and they staring to have a commercial breakthrough they are currently touring with megadeth on Gigantour! their fan base growing bigger each and every days! Come Clarity is a delicious slow song with some In Flames trademark heavy riffing.

you can listen all those song using this Imeem player!

Stripping music may 19 2008