Pole dancer’s underground act : bucharest, Romania subway stripper VIDEO!

Police hunt for subway stripper who pole dances for cash

Pole dancer’s underground act
Police in Bucharest are looking for a busking pole dancer who performs her routines on the city’s underground railway.

Passengers described the dancer, photographed by a passenger’s mobile phone, as a “well-dressed, attractive, student-like young woman”.

She apparently performs her routines only when the train is travelling between further apart subway stations in the Romanian capital.

Her modus operandi is to play Tom Jones’s You Can Leave Your Hat On on a portable CD player while taking off her clothes and dancing around a pole.

She then puts her clothes back on and passes around a container for passengers to show their appreciation for her efforts.

One passenger, George Stancu, who witnessed the act, said: “I can’t say I didn’t like the show but I found it unusual. There are lots of kids who travel by underground and I just don’t think it’s proper.”

A police spokesman said the woman faced charges and a fine for indecent exposure and public begging if she is caught in the act.

However, officers are struggling to arrest her as she seems to perform only on trains with no guards or CCTV cameras.