How to Buy Stripper Music

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Difficulty: Easy

Whether you plan on stripping in public or as a private gift to your sweetie, you definitely want to set the mood and the pace with right kind of music. Stripping is as much about the dance as it is about removing your clothes. The theatrics of the dancing will be greatly enhanced with the bump and grind you can perform to the right tunes.

Go classic with the old burlesque stripper music. “The Stripper” performed by the David Rose Orchestra, is widely recognized as a song that features the removal of clothing. Anyone who hears the tune will respond. The beat is perfectly timed to allow you the time you need to remove each piece of clothing in style.

Consider the mood you want to set as well as your physical abilities. You can perform a great strip with a slow sensuous tune. You can put on a great show of your physical prowess with a fast paced song.

Choose a song that you can learn the words to so that you can choreograph your dance in time with the suggestive lyrics. You might want to add a little lip-synching or singing along with the words to add power to your show.

Practice with the song that you choose before you go live. Each piece of clothing takes a slightly different set of moves and you need to dance between the clothing removals. Once you get the timing down, you should be down to the last piece of cloth when the time ends.

Tips and Warnings
Choose music you like and makes you feel sexy. You can also light candles to set the mood.

from: eHow Relationships & Family Editor