New rock songs to do a striptease

Rock music is always a good choice when it’s time to make the male crowd scream and look at you while you are doing your striptease ! The power of rock n Roll music is something universal and for all ages!

Fortunately for you dear readers and those who work as stripper! Rock song appeal to the male customer with some money in their pocket and they are mostly ready to spend some time with you in private and off course give you some money if you know how to deal with him! 🙂

So here are some Cool rock song i’ve discover lastly! To listen the music, just pass your mouse over the blue link and a box will open.

Compulsory Skin – Twisted

Compulsory Skin is a German industrial rock artist the first note of the song twisted remind me of alice in chain – man in the box but in a more heavy and groovy way..but the comparison stop here because Compulsory Skin has their own identity with a very sexy female name : Pia Pale as singer with a highly sensitive and sexy voice! she’s a female Trent Reznor, Bjork meets NIN, female Manson, or say a harder Depeche Mode! the song Twisted is an absolute gorgeous song and you should give a try!

Well well what should i write about the new AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train Single that haven’t been tell already? nuthin! in fact this song is a classic AC/DC song and is ready to take the strip club around the world by storm! which stripper ever used song such as thundestruck, hells bell, back in black or you shook me all night long?

Miley Cyrus – See you again
Mouhahaha surprise :p ! A 16 youngster teen female former Disney Channel starlet come out with this very cocky pop rock song and well i must say it work! and it’s work very well! mid-paced tempo song with very strong melodies!

Bella Morte – On the Edge
Bella Morte is a gothic rock band that was formed in 1996. They also incorporate elements of metal, punk, darkwave, death rock, industrial, and synthpop. The name is Italian for “beautiful death.” The song On the Edge is perfect for girls and DJ looking for the next linking park! Bella Morte a dedicate to a bright future their new CD Beautiful Death is their to prove it!

Beloved Enemy – The other side

Beloved Enemy is another German incredible Gothic rock band! if you are looking for an original song with and amazing vocals performance by a singer who’s looking and sound like a very very heavy metal Elvis Presley ( look at the video listen to the lyrics and you understand!) i tell the song The other side is an amazing piece of heavy rock and the be sure all the guy in the room will look at you while your are doing your dance routine ! so try to learn the good move and listen the song very often and learn how to dance on it!
oups i forget the lead singer is a hot looking studs (well that’s what the girls working with me told me :p)

Hollywood Undead – Undead
Hollywood Undead are the next big thing! They blend different kind of music such as Slipknot, insane clown posses, limp bizkit and linking park. They sound huge, they are young and their perfect blend of rap and metal rock is perfect for stripper! The song Undead use some sampler from Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train!! so imagine an hardcore Eminem trying to do some high energy rap rock song and you got Hollywood Undead!