Never talk to the DJ while he is entertain the crowds!

What’s really upset me at the job is when one of the girls is trying to talk over me while i am in the middle of a speech to entertain the crowds.

When she is aware her show’s coming in the next 1-2 song. Instead of going to the room beside the stage and prepare for the show, she’s has an urgent piss thrill or she forget her shoes or dress.. arrgh why the hell she does not pee instead of talking with her friends? why the hell she’s trying to talk to me while i’m MC ?

The best advice i can give you : WAIT your turn, never cut people who are talking, be ready for your stage , when you are aware that your stage is coming in the next 10 minutes : go to the bathroom, choose your clothes and be ready!

How to Buy Stripper Music

eHow have an interesting article on how to choose stripper music.
Difficulty: Easy

Whether you plan on stripping in public or as a private gift to your sweetie, you definitely want to set the mood and the pace with right kind of music. Stripping is as much about the dance as it is about removing your clothes. The theatrics of the dancing will be greatly enhanced with the bump and grind you can perform to the right tunes.

Go classic with the old burlesque stripper music. “The Stripper” performed by the David Rose Orchestra, is widely recognized as a song that features the removal of clothing. Anyone who hears the tune will respond. The beat is perfectly timed to allow you the time you need to remove each piece of clothing in style.

Consider the mood you want to set as well as your physical abilities. You can perform a great strip with a slow sensuous tune. You can put on a great show of your physical prowess with a fast paced song.

Choose a song that you can learn the words to so that you can choreograph your dance in time with the suggestive lyrics. You might want to add a little lip-synching or singing along with the words to add power to your show.

Practice with the song that you choose before you go live. Each piece of clothing takes a slightly different set of moves and you need to dance between the clothing removals. Once you get the timing down, you should be down to the last piece of cloth when the time ends.

Tips and Warnings
Choose music you like and makes you feel sexy. You can also light candles to set the mood.

from: eHow Relationships & Family Editor

Top 40 song for stripping, very popular music for stripper

Here are some easy dancing Top 40 song which any stripper can dance and strip on!
These songs are comfortable for stripping because they are mid tempo with a very easygoing mood.

The good : easy to dance and most DJ booth or juke box will have those tracks, most customers, strippers, club owner, DJ know the song already.

The bad : this is not imaginative, so customer will not remark you for your music during your stage, (unknown song and more underground music always attract the attention of the guys in the club)

The Obnoxious: Song such as Timberland – Apology is very disagreeable for DJ and the main reason is : –This is MY song syndrome– nothing more annoying for a Strip Club DJ to see womens fight for a fucking song! Then have to chose which girl will use the song. Then in every club you work you will have to fight to use those songs and normally the regular girls already use them.. so listen to a lots of music be smart, bring your own cd with your own song and this will a better night for everyone and you’ll not have to argue with a THIS IS MY SONG bird-brained stripper :). Sorry i have to express myself..i live this frustrating situation so many time in my DJ career..

So here is my DJ advice for stripper: Avoid too popular music and use you brain and be creative in your music choice! by using different music you’ll Develops an original show that most of the boys in the club will enjoy and they will invite you to their table and talk with you because you caught their attention and maybe they will buy some dance!

So here we go for some TOP 40 song to strip on!
Dont Stop The Music – Rihanna
4 Minutes – Madonna and Justin
Piece Of Me by Britney Spears
Apologize by Timbaland ft One Republic
Gimme More by Britney Spears
Love Is Gone by David Guetta
Ayo Technology by 50 Cent
Crank that by Soulja Boy tellem probably one of the worst song ever!!
No one by Alicia Keys
Let me think about it by Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand
Destination Calabria (Radio Edit) by Alex Gaudino
Rise Up by Yves Larock

I hope you enjoy this blog and i hope you will come back:)
I update strippers music blog about 2-3 times a mouth so enjoy and keep coming!!
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Sensual music for a romantic night with your lover!

Hot bath, candle, Acting as the atmosphere you leaves the light sifted all the tools are in the right place for a unforgettable night of romance with your lover! but the main tool is missing to complete this perfect night!! you don’t have that sensual and sexy music to get the ambiance that you are looking for.. 🙁
the music that will wrap all the piece together to get the wildest sex night ever! 🙂
So here are some musical choice to get this arousing mood! you have search for long time without finding that adequate song! the main reason some people don’t put the finger on that absolute melody is the Lack of musical knowledge and the fact that in today world their is so many artist and so many musical style that it’s pretty easy to be lost and mixed up when it come the time to chose a musical type that will produce that special groove you are looking for..

So here are some agreeable music for sex and romantic night !
The Buddha Bar is an exclusive Buddha-themed bar and restaurant in Paris, France, serving Asian cuisine. The Buddha Bar originally became popular because of the DJs choice of avant-garde “Lounge” and “Chill Out” genre’s of music. Compilation CDs of similar music are released under the Buddha Bar series.
The “Buddha Bar” music series is a compilation of lounge and chill out music released by George V records.
The Buddha Bar series was started by Claude Challe who compiled and produced the first two albums. The series continues with different producers including DJ Ravin, Sam Popat, Jean-Pierre Danel, and David Visan. you will absolutely love buddha bar if youa re into exotic music such as asian chill, arabic ambient or any other world music!

the Buddha Bar will give you that perfect feeling that you are looking for such a long time!!! welcome to the exotic and sensual world of Buddha Bar.

Solitude – Karunesh taken from Buddha Bar III
Dil Cheez – Bally Sagoo taken from Buddha Bar presents Chill Out in Paris
Good Morning Paris – Dan Marciano taken from Buddha Bar, Vol. 8
Bohemian Sunset – India taken from Best of Buddha Beats

If you are looking for a deep and lustful night with your beloved, the magical melody of era is the absolute choice, this is pure delicious music to have some sexy time with your sweetheart .
the music of era is a mix of ambient music, electronic beat , heavy guitar riffs and magical choir and angelic female vocals.
here are some songs from this fabulous band which is ERA!
Era – Avemano
Era – Cathar Rhythm
Era – Looking for Something
Era – Divano

i will continue this list on a next post.. i hope this list will help you in you search of the perfect lustful night with you boyfriend/girlfriend!

Sensual music for a romantic night