Rock and metal song for Strip Club time to rock the crowds!

Well, most rocker stripper always dancing on the same old songs that could become kinda boring ..yeah i can understand that stripping on classic rock song such as Motley Crue – Girls girls girls or AC/DC – Shook me all night long can be funny and entertaining for the crowd (most people do not really know music so classic rock song can do the job ). i’m pretty conscious that these songs are very easy to strip on, and well most DJ has these tracks in their music bank. So it’s a win win situation.

For the more adventurous Rock Chicks among you, i can recommend you some song that you should try and and i guest you’ll love. the secret is to listen the song as often as possible, in your car and listen it everywhere you can and as many time as you can, practise your move in front of a mirror so you will know how to do the right move when the right part of the song is playing during your stage routine.

So here is a small list of rock and metal song for stripping!

Kidrock always some cool rocking song with a very basic formula and very easy to dance! his new song is pretty hot and i think this song could kick some serious ass and the lyrics are nice for a stripper club !
Kid Rock – So Hot!!!

A new song from apocalyptica they are best known for their string-based covers of Metallica songs. I’m Not Jesus is a healthy dose of old-skool metal: driving riffs and impassioned vocals from Corey Taylor (Slipknot vocalist). No gimmicks. What I especially like about this track is the fact that Apocalyptica are pulling such heavy sounds out of traditionally classical instruments. I’d love to see a stripper on this song!.
Apocalyptica feat Corey Taylor – I’m Not Jesus


Here is a blistering industrial metal band from Sweden named Deathstars, a keen mixture of Manson, The Kovenant, Rammstein and bombastic gothic grimness. this band is very well known in the underground gothic metal scene and they are ready to take over the entire world! they have it all : attitude, scorching song, massive sound and a huge look. if you are into band such as Rammstein and Marilyn Manson you’ll literally fall in love with Deathstars, the cd Termination Bliss is loaded of potential hit song and image and timing are all set for success. girls every song song on this cd is perfect for rocker and metal stripper!

Lluther is a mostly unknown ambient industrial metal band based in Dublin, Ireland!! Lluther plays sleazy gritty rock with tight guitars and industrial influences comparable with the music of NIN and Stabbing Westward. The balance between furious guitar eruptions, machine-like drumbeats and emotional moments with at moments whispered vocals but also abundant screaming is comparable while Lluther knows how to give it a twist of their own. i’ve discover this band while listening to a compilation and was instantly hooked to one of their song. agents of empire this song mix perfectly slow pace and melodic music with very heavy and intense passage.
LLuther will be a band to discover in a near future!!
Lluther – Agents Of Empire

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Rock and metal song for Strip Club