Top 40 song for stripping, very popular music for stripper

Here are some easy dancing Top 40 song which any stripper can dance and strip on!
These songs are comfortable for stripping because they are mid tempo with a very easygoing mood.

The good : easy to dance and most DJ booth or juke box will have those tracks, most customers, strippers, club owner, DJ know the song already.

The bad : this is not imaginative, so customer will not remark you for your music during your stage, (unknown song and more underground music always attract the attention of the guys in the club)

The Obnoxious: Song such as Timberland – Apology is very disagreeable for DJ and the main reason is : –This is MY song syndrome– nothing more annoying for a Strip Club DJ to see womens fight for a fucking song! Then have to chose which girl will use the song. Then in every club you work you will have to fight to use those songs and normally the regular girls already use them.. so listen to a lots of music be smart, bring your own cd with your own song and this will a better night for everyone and you’ll not have to argue with a THIS IS MY SONG bird-brained stripper :). Sorry i have to express myself..i live this frustrating situation so many time in my DJ career..

So here is my DJ advice for stripper: Avoid too popular music and use you brain and be creative in your music choice! by using different music you’ll Develops an original show that most of the boys in the club will enjoy and they will invite you to their table and talk with you because you caught their attention and maybe they will buy some dance!

So here we go for some TOP 40 song to strip on!
Dont Stop The Music – Rihanna
4 Minutes – Madonna and Justin
Piece Of Me by Britney Spears
Apologize by Timbaland ft One Republic
Gimme More by Britney Spears
Love Is Gone by David Guetta
Ayo Technology by 50 Cent
Crank that by Soulja Boy tellem probably one of the worst song ever!!
No one by Alicia Keys
Let me think about it by Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand
Destination Calabria (Radio Edit) by Alex Gaudino
Rise Up by Yves Larock

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What is the best classic pop rock stripper songs ?

Well, well..some of you prefer dancing on a secure value song such as classic rock, classic dance etc.. the song that you have already heard in every strip club in the world, lots of stripper have already dance on those song but when you are working on a small club sometime you don’t really have a choice to strip on an older song or a very pop song because in some smaller club they don’t have a DJ and you have to play music from a juke box!! very often if the smaller club have a DJ, he don’t have too many choice, then also lots of bigger clubs have music restriction and stripper can hardly dance and strip on the music they want so here is a list of easy going music that most cub will accept or will be present in most smaller club juke box/ DJ booth!

List of classic stripper songs
Best pop rock stripper song

Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue
Cherry Pie by Warrant
Whitesnake – Still of the night
Poison – Unskinny Pop
Aerosmith – Rag Doll, Love In An Elevator, Walk this way, Pink and many others
Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
2 Live Crew – Me So Horny, Pop That Pussy
Nine Inch Nails – Closer (the song with the lyrics – i wanna fuck you like an animal)
AC/DC – You shook me all night long. hells bells, The Jack… and many others
Kid Rock – The American Bad Ass, Badwitba
Danzig’s – Wicked Pussycat, She Rides
Britney spears – baby hit me one more time, Gimme
Drop It Likes It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg
Poison by Alice Cooper
Bombshell from Powerman 5000
Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show, Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love
Rob Zombie – Living dead girl
White Zombie – More Human Then Human
Black Velvet by Alannah Miles
LL Cool J- Doin it
Deftones-Change (in the house of flies)
Deftones feat Maynard James Keenan- Passenger
Nerd – Lapdance
David Lee Roth – Yankee Rose
Regulators — Nate Dogg and Warren G.
Coolio – Gangsta Paradise
Metallica – Enter Sandman, Sad but true, The unforgiven 1 and 2, One
Belly Dancer – Akon
Prince – Darling Nikki, Cream
Christina Aguilera – Dirrty
Cat sratch fever (cover)- pantera
Joe Cocker’s – Leave your Hat On
Shake That – Eminem
Red Light Special -TLC
Alice in Chains – Man in the Box
Hate Myself For Loving You- Joan Jett
Guns N Roses – Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City
Sex and Candy – Marcy’s Playground
Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
Divinyls- i touch myself
ZZ Top – Legs
Rammstein – Stripped, Engel, Du Hast
Scorpions – rock you like a hurricane

in my next post ill do the best slow and sexy stripper song

House and techno music for strip club

Electronic music is probably the best music for a stripper dance routine. One of the main reason is the way those song are built give them a huge sound. Lot of electronic music have different part in the same song, so dancers can do different move and be very fluid with the music! the best speed for a dance song to be comfortable on stage is mainly between 120 BPM and 130 BPM (at 130+ bpm you need to be pretty healthy and to be able to do some fast move more then 136-140 BPM it’s may be too hardcore for customer ans some club owner ) BPM mean Beat Per Minute this is the speed of the bass drum, popular vocal house are mostly construct around 125 ans 128 BPM then trance melodies may be a little bit faster or slower depending of the songs.

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So here is a good list of house music to do a good strip-tease 🙂

Martin Landsky – Let me dance

This song is very slow and sensual with whispering males vocals it sound very deep lots of stripper will love this one!

Infernal – I won’t Crying

If you feeling energetic and in the mood for a fast and groovy song, infernal new single will be perfect for you and will rock the crowd for sure! I love this song…especially the Depeche Mode – Strangelove sound bite

Vitalic – My Friend Dario

This song is especially for the girl who love to do stage wearing latex short or car racing costume in the intro you can hear the sound of a motor. This track have a strange sexual drive with an talking female vocals with a very edgy rock n roll groove!
this one is for energetic dancer only! this a very fast and driving at almost 136 BPM!

John Creamer & Stephane K – I Wish You Were Here
hypnotic deep house music at his best! every stripper and customer will fall under the charm of this lustfully song! sexy and groovy this piece of art is absolutely perfect for any striptease at home or at the club!

New sexy dance song for stripping!

Here are some very sexy trance, house and dance tracks strippers can use for their fast stage routine! But i know some you love faster song for your second stage so you can use them as well for strip for your slow and sensual song to clothes off! i listen music like crazy and have some crazy skill for discovering new song so i invite you in my world.
Miss Kittin : Grace – Minimalistic electro artist Miss kitten are back with a cd loaded with very easy dance song with a pop edge ! the voice of Caroline Hervé (PlastikGirl) still on of the sexiest on earth! so on this new cd i strongly recommend you the song Grace, this is a mid tempo song easy to strip with a some rock guitar riff!

Combichrist- Get your body beat – This song is especially dedicated for the most brave stripper around because some customer even the DJ or your boss will be shocked by this very aggressive techno song but if the club have lots of light effect, a strong strob light and a smoke machine every bodies in the club will look at you for sure!! Combichrist is an Aggrotech/EBM/industrial/dance artist and the release of Get Your Body Beat in 2006 turned out to be a commercial breakout for the band.
Several remix of the songs are available, the album version is the best to my ears!

David Guetta feat Tara Mcdonal – Delirious – WOW girls and DJ the new David Guetta song is here and as always this is a Delirious track, be the first to offer that nice track to your co-worker! or be the first to strip on this instant top notch dance song!
here is the extended version. a little advice on this one start the song at 50 secondes then enter the stage at 1:30 the the break is at 2 minutes

Eric Prydz – Sweet Genesis – Everybody who’s clubbing these last 3-4 year have heard or even watch the very horny video from Eric Prydz – Call on me Unless you live under a rock!! then now Prydz is back with a very intense new song, this is a kinda very powerful version of eurythmics – sweet dream, every girls in the club will go crazy and dancing everywhere:) start the song at 45 seconde ! the punch line at around 2:30 is absolutely delicious the bass is so groovy