The sexyest videos and songs of 2013 are:

Here are two of the sexyest track of 2013 and you can use them in 2014 as most of those songs are kinda underground.

Autoerotique: Asphyxiation is an epic video and techno track ans will be probably the new Eric Prydz – Call On Me!!

You can buy it here on iTune

Actually – Super Future

Actually! Explore the beauty and desperation of love, sex and strange weather patterns.

Actually – Super Future on iTune

Sexy gothic rock song


i’il try to be more active for 2014 !

Here are some nice Gothic rock music to strip off your clothes 🙂

Recoil – Drifting [Poison Dub] is a very dark and slow song with some tribal rhythms

Recoil – Drifting [Poison Dub] on itune:

Here is a very high energy industrial song with some naughty lyrisc!

Here is the link to buy XP8 – Want It (Rotersand Rework)

This one is a very kinky track that all dark strippers should try!

Magnetic Man – The Bug on iTune

Fresh Strip Club music for March 2009

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i’ll update strippers Music 2-3 times a mouth, if you are ever interested in writing about your strip club experiment and share music you are using as a stripper or as a Strip Club DJ on my blog, just send me a message thought the contact form just aside on the sidebar and i’ll more then happy to give you an author account!

So here we go for some fresh music!

Guru Josh Project- infinity 2008
This song is massive club smasher! If you ever go out and take a drink in a night club, you’ll surely heard this song 🙂 some cool saxophone melodies that remind me of the old dance hit Flashdance. Infinity use to be a big success in the 90’s. Now, having teamed up with a some other DJ and producers, Guru Josh scrubbed up his signature hit for a whole new generation of dance fans.

Denzel Park Kam Denny and Paul Zala – Finally 2008
Here is a nice remake of and old CeCe Peniston‘s classic dance hit “Finally” that came up at the end of 2008. This song have a huge success in the club i work! . But now, it’s been given the good ol 2008 electro treatment by Kam Denny and Paul Zala which has brought this dance classic to life once again.

Arash feat Rebecca – Suddenly
Would you like to give an arabic exotic edge to you stage routine? the Iranian singer Arash had a huge international success between 2005-2007 with his single Temptation. Now he is back in duet with Rebecca and his particular middle east dance pop sound. Arash Feat Helena – Arash is a sweet ballade as well!

Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet!
This is the kind of song that will give you speed ticket if you ever listen it in your car! “Ricochet” is the first released single of Los Angeles synth rock group Shiny Toy Guns` second album, “Season of Poison”. Very heavy guitar with loud male vocal mixed up with some girlish female voices, This song song is a must for every energetic and rock strippers around the world!!

Angelspit – Skinny little bitch : Angelspit is an Australian band mixing industrial, electronic music and metal leaded by hyper good looking female singerAmelia “Destroyx” Tan ( Give a look to his website to see some of his clothing skills, she’s awesome)!. Skinny little bitch has a very groovy beat and and pretty hooky melodies! If you are into latex and has a Gothic look this track could be very nice for you fast stage routine!

Here is a basic list of pop song for march 2009
Pink – So What
Lady GaGa – Poker face
Beyonce – Halo
Akon (Feat. Colby O’donis & Kardinal Offishall) – Beautiful
Britney Spears – Circus
Beyonce – Diva
Kaskade – Step One Two
Chris Lake ft Nastala – If You Knew
Baby Bash Ft. Mario & Lil Jon – That’s How I go
Lil Wayne – Prom Queen
Ludacris (Feat. Plies) – Nasty Girl
Britney Spears – If You Seek Amy —-> a word play for F U C K Me :p
The Tamperer feat. Maya – Feel It ‘2008
Chris Cornell – Part Of Me
Bob Sinclar and Steve Edwards – Together
September – Can’t Get Over
50 Cent – I Get It In
Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day ‘N’ Nite

Top 10 Strippers In Film List

I’ve Just find this list while surfing the net tonight and wanna share with you! more strippers music is coming soon..i have lots of work for a few week now!
With Jessica Biel soon to hit the big screen as a stripper in “Powder Blue,” and Kristen Stewart doing the same in “Welcome to the Rileys,” it seems Hollywood is just filled to the brim with actresses taking their clothes off to show a more vulnerable side. But as any film fan knows, this isn’t a new trend. Hence, this top 10 list: The Best Strippers On Film.

10. Erika Eleniak in “Under Seige”
Playing an ex-playmate brought aboard a battleship to pop out of its captain’s birthday cake, only to find when she does the ship overtaken by mercenaries threatening nuclear war, Eleniak narrowly beats out deserving bids by Natalie Portman (Closer) and Natalie Wood (Gypsy). As much courage as both ladies plainly exhibited in delivering their respective performances, that still wasn’t half as much as Eleniak displayed in locking lips with co-star Steven Seagal.

9. Teri Hatcher in Tango & Cash
Hatcher’s electric drum-solo-in-front-of-giant-wind machine routine is easily the most kick-ass of the bunch, and would have easily landed her in the top five if not for that atrocious ensemble. Sequined bikini and leggings? I mean…really?

8. Demi Moore in “Striptease”
Undeniably hot, if a little too muscular. That, in addition to the overly choreographed routines, keeps Mrs. Kutcher from snagging a higher spot.

7. Rose McGowan in “Planet Terror”
In one of the most…engrossing title sequences ever, we meet Rose’s Cherry Darling as she twirls around a pole, shedding her clothes…and even a few tears. It should be noted that this is the first of 3 performances on the list that were directed by Robert Rodriguez. (Well done, sir.)

6. Cynthia Rhodes in “Flashdance”
In a film so full of Jennifer Beals’ iconic moves — the splash scene, the “Maniac” sequence, the conservatory audition — Rhodes’s brick wall backflip remains tragically underappreciated.

5. Selma Hayek in “From Dusk Till Dawn”
Perhaps the only actress in all of Hollywood who could counterbalance the weight of a full-grown python draped around her shoulders, Hayek was given free reign by director Robert Rodriguez to improvise her strip scene. Except for sticking her foot in Quentin Tarantino’s mouth. You know that was all QT.

4. Jessica Alba in “Sin City”
The biggest thing to happen to chaps since…well, since they were invented. Just as he’d done with Hayek, director Rodriguez left it up to Alba to devise her bar top seduction of Bruce Willis’s character.

3. Halle Berry in “The Last Boy Scout”
Again sporting western wear, again before an audience including Willis. Bests Alba thanks only to her choice of song: eighties’ smash “I Wanna Be a Cowboy” by Boys Don’t Cry. (Counting #s 8 and 4—that makes three of those mentioned here who have disrobed for Willis at some point.)

2. Tawny Kitaen in “Bachelor Party”
Most fiancées would call off the wedding upon finding their husband-to-be holed up in a hotel with a boatload of drugs and a donkey renowned for its sexual prowess; Kitaen’s character joins the party disguised as a hooker. Judging by the patience she shows Gary Busey on “Celebrity Rehab,” she’s as much the good sport in real life.

1. Marissa Tomei in “The Wrestler”
By far the most realistic portrayal on the list — over forty divorcee, adolescent son at home –and somehow all the hotter for it. Tomei, in a performance surpassing even her Academy Awarding-winning role in “My Cousin Vinny,” sets the bar — or is it pole? — impossibly high for Biel, Stewart and any other strippers of the silver screen yet to follow.

Well readers, you’ve heard our list. Now it’s your turn. And what do you think about your favorite actresses playing these types of roles?

Published by Vanessa White Wolf for MTV