• sean o'meara

    you definately have to mention a great strip club track…Darkbloom- “I Wanna Get Fucked”


    this is a very nice site that provides both girls and guys in the biz with great resources and the MUSIC is the BOMB!

  • Devin

    I have been out of the male stripping game for a while and am getting back into it. I need help finding “new” songs that are hot for a male stripper to dance too for a group of ladies at a male review. Can you help me? I will be doing a show this week for 300 women and am going as a “GQ” type guy…tux, black break-aways etc. Need to come up with a 5 song set that will blow the doors off and make me some $$$$ while on stage! Please help me! Thanks.

  • What kind of music do you like?
    Right now very popular are:

    Far East Movement – Like a G6
    Taio Cruz – Dirty Picture
    Kesha – We R Who We R
    Black Eyed Peas-The Time (The dirty bit)

  • Devin

    Jeff (or anyone else in the business) I am in need of a good mix of whats “hot” today to dance tofor the ladies. I can pretty much dance to anything (slow or fast…hard or seductive). I just am lost when it comes to what gets the women “hot and bothered” at the male revues today. Thanks so far for your imput! Keep the suggestions coming!