Never talk to the DJ while he is entertain the crowds!

What’s really upset me at the job is when one of the girls is trying to talk over me while i am in the middle of a speech to entertain the crowds.

When she is aware her show’s coming in the next 1-2 song. Instead of going to the room beside the stage and prepare for the show, she’s has an urgent piss thrill or she forget her shoes or dress.. arrgh why the hell she does not pee instead of talking with her friends? why the hell she’s trying to talk to me while i’m MC ?

The best advice i can give you : WAIT your turn, never cut people who are talking, be ready for your stage , when you are aware that your stage is coming in the next 10 minutes : go to the bathroom, choose your clothes and be ready!

Never fuck the payroll!

The best advice i can give a newbie DJ in the strip clubs arena is Never fuck the payroll during the 6 to 10 first mouth. The reason is pretty simple, if you ever fuck the bad girls you could easily lost your job! Strippers have the power of life and death on you during the first mount even the first year!. Believe me if you ever working with a women that you had some bad experiment in private, can easily spread on your work and your dj boot can become a real HELL!
stripper shoes
Learn to know your entourage, talk with the girls and learn about the music they like! watch your co-worker move on stage it’s will help you when they gonna ask you for a new tracks!. When you start your night Greet them with a smile and remark when she change her haircut, when she buy new gears don’t be scare to tell them compliment. ex: hello Sarah your new hair style rock, oh Keisha you dress is very sexy i like the colour.. All women without exception like when you tell them they are beautiful and sexy!
BUT remember you can flirt with them, but before have any outside club relationship learn to know the women you are working with! does she have a boyfriend? do your manager or your boss have a crush on her? NEVER compete with manager or your boss for a stripper!!