Sexy industrial music and dark gothic Electronic rock to strip to!

More than a decade ago an unknown aggressive and noisy band named Nine Inch Nail was coming out of nowhere and take over the whole world with their music. At that time the band was releasing their maniacal first CD’s: pretty hate machine released in 1989. for sure most hard industrial purist will flames me here and they’ll argue that the first bands were ministry, test dept, swan, skinny puppy and such.. i really know about this fact!

Here i’m talking about the commercial side of industrial music and NIN were among the first to come out with a dancelike beat that was attracting for the mainstream club and the stripper world wide were dancing on song such as Terrible Lie, Head Like a Hole, Down in It! etc… NIN have probably written THE ultimate stripper song : Nine Inch Nails – Closer on their 1994 cd’s The Downward Spiral. Since that time so many band has come out with such great song and CD but unfortunately this kind of music still mostly unknown by the general public and almost no radio play them and it is very difficult to find industrial release in mainstream record store.

So, here is a small list of hot new industrial band and song you can listen and use it to strip to these music is very harsh but still very sensual and can be used by atypical stripper and dancer which like to try something new and different!

Virtual Embrace – Fuck you

The time has come for Germany’s best kept secret to emerge from of his chambers and commence the invasion, a massive club bombing! Virtual Embrace is the devilish solo-assault of Mike Johnson (member of Sero.Overdose, Agonoize, Infekktion…). Renown for his sharp electronic production work, Mike profiles himself this time as the purveyor of a harsh uncompromised frontal assault Hellektro Industrial weapon, set on “attack” and aimed right at your senses. Upbeat power noise sequences, hyper distorted vox and earth-shattering electro beats. A fusion of Suicide Commando and Combichrist: A sonic assault forged in Hell: your new Master has arrived… run and take shelter!
The track Fuck You is a mid-tempo harsh electrobeat that is perfect for all stripper looking for a special song!

Cromax International – Electric Pussy Boogie
ELECTROnic PoRN-Pop Meets Sci-Fi-PunkNRoll! are the best words to describe Cromax International very cool blend of electronic music and rock`n`roll. “Electric Pussy Boogie” is a remarkable and sexy cyber-punk release, we get a mix of funny and sexy lyrics with a robotic effect on the vocals, excellent dance beats, a cool EBM bass line, reinforcing guitar riffs and a carrying chorus. The song comes closer to a mix of powerful synth-pop and electroclash than real cyber-punk. this song is nice for a stripper who like fast paced beat !

Nachtmahr – Deus-Ex Machina

Art is War. And therefore music is war, too – the NACHTMAHR (Nightmare) of Western civilisation. With a drumming noise like an avalanche the electro/industrial-inspired barrage beats of this new project from Vienna, Austria are rushing towards the clubs. Nachtmahr resume in this word: I don’t care whether you live or die. I only want to see you dance! Smashing beat structures, electro/ industrial rhythms and provoking vocal samples culminate in a martial and irresistible scenario.
beware this is a very intense and rhythmic song that may addict you to noisy industrial forever!

[:SITD:] – Stammheim

This is the kind of song you should wear army clothes with a very dark ambient stage with lots of smoke and red light and very slow strob light. [:SITD:] with their Bone-crunching beats, apocalyptical electro! make you wanna move, make you move aggressively this is a great song for a stripper who want to use a military look to impress the male crowd! is you see some soldier in the club just give it a try!

Combichrist – E-Ville (Chicago Club Mix By Accessory)

Combichrist has become one of the most iconic bands in the electronic music genre in a very short time. You can find this remix track only on the excellent compilation named Awake The Machines Volume 6 . Combichrist play a perfect mix of harsh electro with very sexy feeling and very aggressive electronic beat ! this kind of music is named : Aggrotech. Combichrist is my favourite band in the genre because they play an explosive barrage of corrosive beats, leering vocals, and acidic melodies.Lots a stip club DJ and stripper should love this band!

UnterArt – Now Or Never

UnterArt rocks the dance floor. “UnterArt ” is heavy duty. You will not get “UnterArt ” out of your head again. “UnterArt” is different. The Hamburg-based trio UnterArt does not give too much on clichés, conventions or being easily categorized.their Cd “Memento” is a club-compatible chameleon – a versatile and dark inferno, somewhere between Hard Electro, Industrial and raw, dark Synth Pop. Hard beat-stompers and aggressive shouts alternate with atmospheric sounds and catchy melodies. UnterArt – Now Or Never is an song of contrasting emotions, of aggressive strip club smashers and a hit-laden, dark Pop feast at the same time!! UnterArt is a name to remember!

Reaper – She’s A Devil And A Whore

Vassi Vallis has become quite notorious in the Electro scene with his own projects (NamNamBulu, Frozen Plasma)his tour duties with CombiChrist and also with his remixes foracclaimed acts such as Suicide Commando, SITD, Absurd Minds etc…Withthe project closest to his heart: REAPER he has conquered clubland witha succession of anthemic dancefloor assaluts. She’s A Devil And A Whore is designed and destined to reverberate Electroclubs worldwide instant strip club-classic hits they remind me a little bits of Rammstein with their very heavy rhythm and bombastic beat!

Electrocop feat. Carmen Rivera – Education Of A Husband
Cool lyric, very groovy beat and an even more sexy vocals and lyrics from European porn star Carmen Rivera make this song the top stripper track for this summer!

So here that all for now!
I hope i’m helping you in your eternal quest of that perfect strip song!
coming next, some new sensual trance and sexy house music i’ve find lastly!

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Sexy Metal and Hard Rock version of old song you can use for stripping !

Sometime it’s kinda fun to dance on an older song. But it’s way more funnier stripping on a refresh version of this old music! you can see the face and eyes expression of the guy in the room ! sometime man will talk between them while they are look at you during your stage! well then after your stage routine very often guys will talk with you and asking you which song version were you stripping on and the discussion is started then this is your chance to offer him a dance and doing some money!

here are some cover version you may use for your stage!
HIM – Wicked Game
“Wicked Game” is a 1989 song by Chris Isaak from his third studio album Heart Shaped World. The Finnish band HIM remade this song on several CD The last recording they made of it then reappeared on their compilation album And Love Said No – The Greatest Hits 1997-2004. With “Wicked Game” on their EP and first album, HIM gained fame in their native Finland. HIM lead sing Ville Valo have a very sensual dark vocal!

Dope – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
This nu metal version of 80’s hit you spin me round is absolutely crowd catcher and will start the party in the club for sure!!
“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” is a song originally released by Dead or Alive on their 1985 album Youthquake. Originally released in November 1984, the record reached number one in March 1985, taking seventeen weeks to get there. In the US, the single peaked at #11 in September of that same year. The song is covered by the industrial metal band Dope. This version can be found on American Psycho: Music from the Controversial Motion Picture.

Nonpoint – In The Air Tonight
“In the Air Tonight” is a song by Phil Collins which first appeared on his 1981 album, Face Value. It was also the first single of Collins’ solo career, and remains one of his best known hits.
I first heard this version on the Miami Vice trailer. This version I think is better then the Phil Collins version. it’s a lot more rock and with a some heavy guitar play. this song may be very interesting for your slow stage!

Beseech – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
here is a Gothic metal version of ABBA hits!! using very slow and and dark tempo witth doomed vocals beseech give an original twist to this old disco song! this is kinda gloomy listen the lyrics – Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight won’t somebody help me chase these shadows away, gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight take me through the darkness to the break of the day – with the very dark and deep male singer voice! this song is perfect for the Gothics and latex stripper queen know who you are ! 🙂

Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence
well at my taste this is one of the best metal cover song! this song have it all melodies, rhythm, greath sound and very sexy male/female duet vocal! Enjoy the Silence” is Depeche Mode’s twenty-fourth UK single, released on February 5, 1990, and the second single from the album Violator. Lacuna Coil features it as their album Karmacode’s 13th and final track! LACUNA COIL have created an intense and mesmerizing reworking of the classic DEPECHE MODE track and made it their own, with Marco Coti Zelati, the band’s bassist, adding new arrangements and vocal parts to make it the perfect LACUNA COIL song.


Dark and sexy music for dance and strip

Did you ever feel more dark or looking for a song that will demarcate you from your coworker?do you love to to wear black latex while you are doing your stage? do you like to feel like a vampire in a long black satin dress ? those song will give you the effect you are looking for !

Blutengel – angels of the dark
Blutengel is the stepping stone of the new German electro-Gothic movement their haunted melodies will charm you and your audience for sure! the sensual voice of Chris Pohl mixed with two female singer is absolutely gorgeous! you can use this song orothers song for BlutEngel (German: Blood Angel) for your fast as well as your slow stage!

Diary of Dreams – Traumtänzer
Dark lyrics, Dark Vocal and dark music with a sexy and sensual edge Diary of Dreams will please every one who’s like dark erotica music, remind me a little bits of Depeche Mode with the today electronic sound and a darker edge!

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine
warning!! this song is only for experiment stripper, good dancer and especially if your DJ can play with light, smoke and stobs light, this song is a lustful masterpiece of gothic black metal and this a mix of very slow dark metal with very fast and intense part. the singer Dani Filth have an impressive range of vocal and the soprano female singer Liv Kristine do a perfect duet!but warning this song is not for for everyone and most club will refused to play this kinda song so use it at your own risk!

Apocalyptica feat. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil “SOS (Anything But Love)
When a groups classically trained cellists named Apocalyptica meet the goddess Cristina Scabbia the result is on the best dark rock slow song that i’ve heard for many years! this song is a must for all dark and rock stripper in the world! nuff said!

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