New sexy dance song for stripping!

Here are some very sexy trance, house and dance tracks strippers can use for their fast stage routine! But i know some you love faster song for your second stage so you can use them as well for strip for your slow and sensual song to clothes off! i listen music like crazy and have some crazy skill for discovering new song so i invite you in my world.
Miss Kittin : Grace – Minimalistic electro artist Miss kitten are back with a cd loaded with very easy dance song with a pop edge ! the voice of Caroline HervĂ© (PlastikGirl) still on of the sexiest on earth! so on this new cd i strongly recommend you the song Grace, this is a mid tempo song easy to strip with a some rock guitar riff!

Combichrist- Get your body beat – This song is especially dedicated for the most brave stripper around because some customer even the DJ or your boss will be shocked by this very aggressive techno song but if the club have lots of light effect, a strong strob light and a smoke machine every bodies in the club will look at you for sure!! Combichrist is an Aggrotech/EBM/industrial/dance artist and the release of Get Your Body Beat in 2006 turned out to be a commercial breakout for the band.
Several remix of the songs are available, the album version is the best to my ears!

David Guetta feat Tara Mcdonal – Delirious – WOW girls and DJ the new David Guetta song is here and as always this is a Delirious track, be the first to offer that nice track to your co-worker! or be the first to strip on this instant top notch dance song!
here is the extended version. a little advice on this one start the song at 50 secondes then enter the stage at 1:30 the the break is at 2 minutes

Eric Prydz – Sweet Genesis – Everybody who’s clubbing these last 3-4 year have heard or even watch the very horny video from Eric Prydz – Call on me Unless you live under a rock!! then now Prydz is back with a very intense new song, this is a kinda very powerful version of eurythmics – sweet dream, every girls in the club will go crazy and dancing everywhere:) start the song at 45 seconde ! the punch line at around 2:30 is absolutely delicious the bass is so groovy

Slow and sexy music to strip to

So here are some slow ans sensual music to strip to or only to pass a naughty night with you lover! As you already know music is very important if not the most important for building an unforgettable sexy night. Most people don’t know where or how to find sensual music and i’m here to help you!

Pass your mouse over the blue link to open the media reader and listen to the music.

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>Karunesh – Solitude
This one is a very oriental influenced song with Arabic style groove this song will seduce you and your foreign customer! i private life with you lover maybe a hot tubs with candle would be nice:)

Global Spirit - Karunesh

Magna Canta – Aethera et Terra
Here is a very slow and sexy song for velveted ambiance this song have soft electronic background music with monk vocals. Let the music invade you let it relax you!

Enchanted Spirits - Magna Canta

This song is for the Gothics/dark stripper, i know many of you are searching for good song that are acceptable in club and that will not scare the customers. Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle.
i recommend you this song : Puscifer Rev 22:20 Dry Martini Mix This track is a slow dark and jazzy. the main instrument is piano remind me of dark movie such as Blue Velvet. You will feel pretty sexy while doing your slower dance routine, ask your dj for only blue tamed light, smoke and very slow strob light .

Velvet Acid Christ – Slut
Any Vampire stripper out there? any of you would like to strip on a strange and groovy industrial song this one is for you!! very deep and dirty feeling with a depress female singer!

Fun With Knives - Velvet Acid Christ

Carfax Abbey – Cry Little Sister
A hallowed cry forms from the depth of penetrating electronic sounds, a heavy bass, thick drum hit and sharp guitar that conveys is the emotions and intensity of Carfax Abbey. They do a magnificent cover of the lost boy soundtrack : cry little sister

It Screams Disease - Carfax Abbey

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Gabriel and Dresden Chillout Remix)
Here is a beautifully remix of the hit trance song as the rush comes this version is very chill and relax with one of the most sensual female voice ever! If you are an experiment stripper and a good dancer the customer will literally fall in love with you and literally open their wallet for you!

As the Rush Comes - Motorcycle

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Stripper music : march discovery gothic metal

so here is a small list of music i’ve discover which stripper may use for their live stage!

Snoop Dogg is back with this sensual hip hop song this mix with `lil kim is perfect for a fast song stripper stage!
Listen: Snoop Dogg Feat. Lil Kim – Sensual Seduction

Some mix are available for this perfect stripper song! nice vocal and melodies mid-tempo house song!
Backdraft – Hey Little Girl

the long awaited new Iio song!! and all i can tell you is that Iio will still rock the dancefloor with this very nice song!
iio – Chastity

You feel a little more dark and you’d like to dance your slow on a sad song with lots of groove!
Within Temptation is a gothic metal band with female vocals and for sure most male customer which like rock song will fall in love with this masterpiece and to convince you here the video of this magical song!!:-)
Within Temptation – All I Need

Stippers: Fast song for your first stage!

Offer Nissim feat. Maya – Perfect Love
Do you love house music with a sexy vocal? this song is the perfect vehicle to drive you wild on stage and if the club have a big stage with lots of light ask your DJ for some smoke and strobe light.Trick: ask him to start the song around 1 minute and at about 4min30 their is a little break ask him to close the light give some smoke then start strobing slow then when the beat restart at about 5 minutes and give a punch then smoke and very fast strobe (that give a great effect) then some second after you can leave the stage and the guy are gonna be like WOW!!

Kiss Da French – I Believe (Vocal edit)
hey cutie you feel horny and feel for a very sexual song for your stage? Kiss Da French is THE song for you this is a mellow deep house track with a girls telling lots of very sexy thing in Spanish!