Some new strip club song for christmas!

Santa claus is here and have some new song for you sweety. 🙂

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Girlicious has released a cover version of David Guetta & Akon’s hit single “Sexy Bitch.” It’s unclear whether the single is just for promo or if it will be included on their upcoming album, which is due in February.

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Kings Of Leon -Closer. This is a great slow song for strippers who like rock music. The customer absolutely love this song:). I recommend dark blue light, smoke and very slow strob light on this one.

3OH!3 – STARSTRUKK ft. Katy Perry. Those guy are invading the market for a few Mount now and well.. i like them pretty much :). they are playing a cool blend of electronic music with pop rock element with some catchy hook.

Three 6 Mafia feat. Tiësto – Feel It. This song is pretty difficult to classify for me.. it’s like god shake hands with the Devil :p. I’m a big Tiësto fans but i’m a big Rap/RNB haters as well.. so this track is pretty ambiguous for me. But well, guest what? i like this track and it’s growth on me everyday!

Kazy – Need You Tonight. This one is one of my favourite song for a few weeks now. This is a cover version of INXS hits from the 80’s Need You Tonight. This version is slow paced with some rock and industrial element and all over with singer very dark and sensual voice. if you are into band such as Tool, A perfect Circle you’ll fall in love with Kazy.

Mid-october 2009, strip club music!

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Rotersand – War on Error
This is a brand new aggrotech/industrial hit!, if you like your electro dark and heavy this new track is for you! this song is sure to be club classics, emphasizing on the modern filter sweep and crushing beat combinations often used by Combichrist and Aesthetic Perfection. Groovy phat base, plenty of punch! make War on Error a must for all industrial/goth stripper out there.

The Gossip – Dimestore Diamond
For those who don’t know The Gossip, They are playing an explosive cocktail of rock, punk, soul, disco, funk and country! The fronted female band is leaded by the very smooth sensitive voice of Beth Ditto, In fact right now there is a huge buzz around her in the medias! the band remind me a little bit of SohoDolls and such.
Dimestore Diamond is cool easy dancing song with pretty popish hooks a winner for sure for all strippers who would try to try this song!.

Depeche Mode – Corrupt
Depeche mode new CD Sounds of the Universe is a must, all track are absolutely genius! The first single Wrong was pretty hot and the video is a master piece. Corrupt is the second single and that song play at the end of True Blood second season (Cult TV series playing on HBO).

Deepeche Mode Wrong video

October 2009 Strip Club Music choice!

The summer is finish already, so this is the time for me to write some stuff and let you know about music i’ve discover lastly!

No time to waster
here are some absolutely delicious song to take your clothes off live on stage!!

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Jeffree Star – Lollipop Luxury
Jeffree Star is a new internet sensation looking like an Aphrodite long pin hair, clothed like a women and doing some amazing electro pop music and of course with some nasty lyrics. i imagine a girl wearing fishnet stocking and red latex clothes dancing on this song! warning! you’ll have the chorus stuck into your head forever!
F**k me.
I’m a celebrity.
Can’t take your eyes off me.
I’ll make you f**k me just to get somewhere.
F**k me.
I’m a celebrity.
Can’t take your hands off me.
I know you wanna suck me what you waiting for.

Halestorm – I Get Off

Here is great track to rock the crowd, remind me a lot of the Joanne Jett in her good years with crunchy guitar riff, strong female vocals and very memorable chorus! If you feel for wearing denim short and t-shirt on stage this song would be perfect!

Julien K – Kick the bass
Julien-K is a member of industrial pop rock band Orgy . the band marries the techno feel of Daft Punk with the industrial heaviness of KMFDM. Kick the bass is their first single and they are ready to take over the world! here is a very “adult” music video for Orgy off-shoot band Julien-K’s “Kick the Bass”, one of the songs off his solo CD.

Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor
Are you looking for the new dancefloor anthem? Cascada is back their perfect eurodance song for strip club!
With this one you’ll start the party all over the crowd. Happy melodies hand up feeling and very poppy vocals make this song a winner for at least 3-4 mouth! (those kinda song don’t have a long life expectancy)

This is all for now ill be back in a few days for more music ! stay tuned !

Some new strip club hit! Mid-july 2009

Sugababes – Get Sexy
Although it kinda reminds me of “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred. This song has some memorable hook and will be an instant club classic and a legion of stripper will surely dance on this new track in a near future!. I recommend you to jump on this song as it’s not so popular yet! But unfortunately the song is not available for sales yet 🙁 In fact the song is too new!!

shakira-she-wolfShakira – She Wolf – La Loba
Be ready! This is the song of the summer. The latina music star, Shakira is back! After his cool duet with Beyoncé in “Beautiful Liar“. The Colombian singer is returned with She wolf. After a long absence, Shakira is here today with her brand new track “She Wolf”, “La Loba” in Spanish version. This is the first extract from his new album “Animal Instinct”, which is coming out in October. this electro-latino song will be an instant success for sure! be the first to dance on this song at your club!

IAMX – Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner, one of the founding member of British trip-hop icons the Sneaker Pimps. Unlike the hit-or-miss style of the Sneaker Pimps, IAMX is a much more focused creative force that is equally outlandish, intoxicating and poetic. although, this may seem slightly disturbing. the electro pop sound which was the trademark of IAMX is somewhat diluted and left the room for a more guitar oriented sound with a softer compositions process. While Chris Corner is playing much with his voice intensity and nd GOD what a voice he has. probably on of the best i’ve heard for many years. IAMX remind me of the biggest band on earth such as Radiohead or Coldplay but with a more underground edge! Strong production, perfect melodies and intensity! you can also listen the first single album “Think Of England“. I tell you. IAMX is a name to remember!

Horny house music with sensual female vocals

Hello all!
Thank for reading my blog, as you can see i am trying to do an up to date list of sexy song most strippers and strip club should use in their work place! House and trance music with female vocal is very horny and some strippers just love to use that music for doing their live stage routine! Most male customer will love that kind of music because the girls can move sensuously on the rhythm of the music and and give 100% of herself on the dance floor! these tracks are mostly very melodic and can be played in most strip club! So the boss or manager will not come at the dj boots crying for a music change!

So here are few good house and trance songs with female vocals i’ve discover lastly!
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Da Hool – Wir Sind Sexy
Da hool is a well known artist from germany, he has top the house chart around the world in 1996 with the mega hits : Meet Her at the Loveparade
Wir Sind Sexy is a stripper magnet, each time i’m playing this song girls are fighting to use it for their stage! extremely groovy house beat with raunchy female vocals. you will move like a shinning star with this song for your fast stage!

Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud – Love Never Dies
Russian electronic artist Moonbeam are invading the dance floor around with their infectious trance melodies, if you are into big name artist such as Tiësto or Armin van Buuren this song is for you! highly sexual voice of singer Tyler Michaud is addictive and will make you feel like a horny bombshell while you are doing your stage!

First State featuring Anita Kelsey – Falling
First State is a dutch trance duo and on this track they use the very sensual vocals of female singer Anita Kelsey, this song is playing intensively in all trance, house club around the world and is part of the new Dj Tiësto double CD In Search Of Sunrise 6 The combination of chopped-up vocals an epically magical breakdown with the simplest and most forceful lyrics and that downright dirty bassline means that despite being massively played this is still one of my best track of 2008. well all stripper who has been part nightlife this summer has hear this song in most dance club for sure!

Kaskade – Angel On My Shoulder
Songwriter, producer and DJ Ryan Raddon best known under the Kaskade moniker. Angel in my shoulder is the new track and you can hear so many passion and soul in this song! the angelic voice of the singer is just perfect for any stripper dance floor!.

Armin Van Buuren – In & Out of Love

Armin Van Buuren don’t need to be introduce for all the house and trance lovers around the world, he’s one of the top DJ on the planet! what is making this song special is the guest vocalist Sharon den Adel from gothic metal band Within temptation! Sharon deliver an amazing performance. this beautiful armin`s track is from his new cd entitles : Imagine! if you enjoy sharon ethereal voice you can give a ears to his original band : Within Temptation.

Ernesto Vs Bastian – stranger in paradise
Ernesto and Bastian join up with the sexy vocal of Susanna for their new hit single ‘Stranger in Paradise’ after their legendary collaboration on the single ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. this one is pretty much faster then the others track and is for more experiment dancers!this is a huge song with a strong groove feeling! every stripper should try this song at least once!

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Stripper Music 10 september 2008