Top 40 song for stripping, very popular music for stripper

Here are some easy dancing Top 40 song which any stripper can dance and strip on!
These songs are comfortable for stripping because they are mid tempo with a very easygoing mood.

The good : easy to dance and most DJ booth or juke box will have those tracks, most customers, strippers, club owner, DJ know the song already.

The bad : this is not imaginative, so customer will not remark you for your music during your stage, (unknown song and more underground music always attract the attention of the guys in the club)

The Obnoxious: Song such as Timberland – Apology is very disagreeable for DJ and the main reason is : –This is MY song syndrome– nothing more annoying for a Strip Club DJ to see womens fight for a fucking song! Then have to chose which girl will use the song. Then in every club you work you will have to fight to use those songs and normally the regular girls already use them.. so listen to a lots of music be smart, bring your own cd with your own song and this will a better night for everyone and you’ll not have to argue with a THIS IS MY SONG bird-brained stripper :). Sorry i have to express myself..i live this frustrating situation so many time in my DJ career..

So here is my DJ advice for stripper: Avoid too popular music and use you brain and be creative in your music choice! by using different music you’ll Develops an original show that most of the boys in the club will enjoy and they will invite you to their table and talk with you because you caught their attention and maybe they will buy some dance!

So here we go for some TOP 40 song to strip on!
Dont Stop The Music – Rihanna
4 Minutes – Madonna and Justin
Piece Of Me by Britney Spears
Apologize by Timbaland ft One Republic
Gimme More by Britney Spears
Love Is Gone by David Guetta
Ayo Technology by 50 Cent
Crank that by Soulja Boy tellem probably one of the worst song ever!!
No one by Alicia Keys
Let me think about it by Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand
Destination Calabria (Radio Edit) by Alex Gaudino
Rise Up by Yves Larock

I hope you enjoy this blog and i hope you will come back:)
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How to enter the local DJ scene then strip club scene

Well, like any others job you have to make your class, starting in smaller venue, bar (not necessary stripper club) are the best way to learn your job! because DJing in a stripper club is not only about music because you are covering a wide range of responsibility and working with 20 to 30 girls is not an easy task. As you are working in smaller club you learn to deal with night club boss which are very special sometime, crowd, drunk guy that are aways bothering you with special request or the customers who want a song but don’t know event the artist or title of the tracks and then start singing song those guys are pretty annoying and are so ludicrous but you have to deal with them because they are customer! Also be very careful you never know who are your customer it’s maybe a manager from a big club! be always kind even with the more annoying guy, the fact is that dealing with annoying or drunk people are a part of your jobs!

Another reason to start your career in smaller venue is that you can try different kind of music, different way of mixing songs then you can practise your voice if you ever have a mic! if the club don’t provide you a Mic buy one and try interact with the customer even if you are working on a very small venue with only 20 customer! with the money you are doing i advice you to buy a mixing board and CDJ player for practising at home!