Classic slow song for dance and strip to

Everyone that ever been in strip club have heard these song at one club or another, because all these songs are playing for many years in strip club. who’s never hear of scorpion – still loving you or def leppard – Love bite in a strip club? this song are automatically associated with stripper.. many time customer come to see me and asking the name of the playing song.
so i’m gonna do my best to built a kind of best of strip club slow song for you stripper, customer or surfer.

here is a PlayList of most popular and classic stripper SLOW song you can hear in all stripper club around the world.

New sexy dance songs for StripClub

This always fun to strip and dance on new sexy song, be the first to strip on these brand new song! provoke jealousy’s amongst your co-worker 🙂

here is a small list of new sexy house songs!

Inez – Stronger
Mid tempo house song with sexy female vocals very easy listening house song. the lyrics
are pretty interesting too!

The Ian Carey Project – Redlite
Danceflooor anthem at his best get ready to make all the girls at the club dance everywhere with this great house track!!
huge huge huge tune by ian carey. i have no idea if this came out before keep on rising but, at least to me, this tune is just as good. ian carey is a dominant force in house music right now be the first to strip on this song!

Yelle – A Cause des Garcons (Riot in Belgium Remix)
Sexy house song with french lyrics (because of the boys), so give a try to this very hot euro-dance track! Rrrrrriiiiiiioooootttt! It’s stuff like this that will makes you dance on stage, do sexy move and feel naughty, like an Europeans stripper!

you can listen these song by using this player!

How to do a striptease

Strip Tease To Spice Up Your Love Making

Are the nights getting dreary dark? Thinking of adding some spice tonight, then grab your highest heel and get ready to rumble to the finest music that will make him bend for more. It’s time for exotic dance performance only for your love. Join the age-old trend of seduction, Strip Tease your partner.

Stripping of clothes, which rules most of the nightclubs in metropolitan cities today, originated at the ancient days of Sumerian tablets. Various sessions for all shapes and sizes with no age bar is introduced by many strip tease classes to master the game of love. Erotic dancing has gone from the gentlemen’s club to the latest intensive fitness and workout trends too. Pole dancing has become a legitimate form of exercise to many as it allows expressing oneself in a sensual artistic manner. Sessions can be sophisticated and classy right down to naughty.

Things you will need
Before getting started these are the things that you should get ready for the night

* Romantic and sexy music to strip to that fits your style & mood. Get original strip to it CD that combines sensual sounds of Enigma, Madonna’s Erotica or David Sanborn’s Smooth Sax.
* Aromatic candles, but if you want him to see you go wild then let the lights burn.
* Wine or drink with ice.
* Naughty outfit and lacy lingerie
* Use a stripper pole if possible if not play the charm with a chair and seductive looks.

Get Started
Before performing the most awaited act, practice some of the steps from the DVD. Do not shy off if you have never danced before, because this is the right time to burn the heat. Learn how your body moves and perform steps you are comfortable with.

When you are all set to perform your mystery you, give a call to your love and ask him to drop home early for he will be blessed with a seductive night. Ask him to give you a ring atleast 10-15 minutes before he is near your house. Make sure to put on your esteemed cloth and make up half an early before his arrival that you do not annoy him by making him wait outside the door for long. Darkened the bedroom and light the aromatic candles.

When the door chimes of his arrival, instruct him to blindfold his eyes. Lead him to your bedroom and make him sit comfortably on the seductive throne. Uncover his eyes with the sexy music playing at the background to see you’re new you. Begin your move to arouse sexual desire by displaying the naked body in motion. To keep the spice for long you can even delay your tactics by removing additional clothes very slowly and putting clothes or hands in front of just undressed parts.

Handcuff him on the chair if he is trying to get on top of you at your very first move. To intensify the situation sexily discards an item of his clothing. The basic strip tease will discard these items gradually and slowly, jacket, skirt, high heeled shoe, sides of stockings, ping the garter belt, unlock your bra and lastly the priced scanty.

Make sure to remember these golden rules while performing the erotic dance.

* You are not his sweet angel right now but his seductive private dancer. So, walk up and down, flirt, tempt, tease, flick your hair around and gyrate your body with the rhythm. Throw your clothes off on his face. Let him smell them instead of you. Make him beg to release him from binding.
* Do not let him touch you with anything, but touch yourself the way he wants to touch you.
* Borrow the celebrity seductive tricks. Keep one leg in front of the other, heel lifted, whenever possible. Copy Liz Hurley’s or any other seductive Hollywood star poses.
* Maintain eye contact throughout the performance

Use these tips and let the lackluster nights turn to be the best moments of your life
By: Swarag

Dark and sexy music for dance and strip

Did you ever feel more dark or looking for a song that will demarcate you from your coworker?do you love to to wear black latex while you are doing your stage? do you like to feel like a vampire in a long black satin dress ? those song will give you the effect you are looking for !

Blutengel – angels of the dark
Blutengel is the stepping stone of the new German electro-Gothic movement their haunted melodies will charm you and your audience for sure! the sensual voice of Chris Pohl mixed with two female singer is absolutely gorgeous! you can use this song orothers song for BlutEngel (German: Blood Angel) for your fast as well as your slow stage!

Diary of Dreams – Traumtänzer
Dark lyrics, Dark Vocal and dark music with a sexy and sensual edge Diary of Dreams will please every one who’s like dark erotica music, remind me a little bits of Depeche Mode with the today electronic sound and a darker edge!

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine
warning!! this song is only for experiment stripper, good dancer and especially if your DJ can play with light, smoke and stobs light, this song is a lustful masterpiece of gothic black metal and this a mix of very slow dark metal with very fast and intense part. the singer Dani Filth have an impressive range of vocal and the soprano female singer Liv Kristine do a perfect duet!but warning this song is not for for everyone and most club will refused to play this kinda song so use it at your own risk!

Apocalyptica feat. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil “SOS (Anything But Love)
When a groups classically trained cellists named Apocalyptica meet the goddess Cristina Scabbia the result is on the best dark rock slow song that i’ve heard for many years! this song is a must for all dark and rock stripper in the world! nuff said!

You can listen these song using this personal Imeem player:)
you can visit my Imeem site

Sexual and Sensual trance music for stripping!

Trance music is probably the most sensual music to dance and strip to! if you are working with a devoted DJ then if he’s working with a good sound and light equipment this kind of music will aroused the crowd for sure. because most of trance songs have very sexy vocals and in the same melody you can have lots of different mood and speed and a dancer who know how to strip and how to use the pole will shine like a star if she learn where are the break, the highlight and the chorus of a trance song! Trance music is a style of music related to dance and electronic music but with a more progressive and sensual edge including ethereal female vocal or deep male vocals, dark pop melodies and can be very energetic and fast or slow and very melodic and sensual artist such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and ATB are the leader of the pack in the trance style.

here are some new trance song stripper can use for their fast or slow stage because sensual trance music is pretty easy to dance and strip and the interesting fact about this music is that you can use these song for very fast and aggressive stage as well as very smooth and relax and sensual slow song for your second stage.

Sensual Trance Song List for stripping
ATB – desperate Religion
Paul Van Dyk – White Lies (LA Mix)
Luminary – My world (Andy Moor Mix)
Armin van Buuren – 24 theme
Markus Schuldz – First Time
Markus Shchulz – On a wave
Ferry Corsten – Beautiful
Ferry Corsten – Fire
Armin van Buuren – Shiver
Armin van Buuren – burned with desire
Gabriel and Dresden – dangerous Power
Robbie Riverra – Float away
Dj Tiesto – in my memories
Dj Tiesto – The time we lost
Dj Tiesto – Somewhere inside
Blank and Jones – I love you
Blank and Jones – Perfect silence
Above and Beyond – Home
Above and Beyond – Can’t sleep