Strippers: New slow song for your stage!

i listen to a lots of music and whats i like as a Dj is to play new music then customer may discover this new artists and buy their CD!
so here are some musical discovery that are perfect for strippers

Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red
This song is perfect for girls which like intense slow song starting very slow with piano and flute then become faster at the end of the song, the lyrics are very poetical and the melodies are hot!! This song is for girls who love rock music with a little Gothic edge

Sonic Syndicate – Enclave
This is an epic ballad, filled with keyboards and atmosphere with strong vocal! it’s sound a little bit like creed but heavier this song is a most if you like hard rock ballade!!

Never fuck the payroll!

The best advice i can give a newbie DJ in the strip clubs arena is Never fuck the payroll during the 6 to 10 first mouth. The reason is pretty simple, if you ever fuck the bad girls you could easily lost your job! Strippers have the power of life and death on you during the first mount even the first year!. Believe me if you ever working with a women that you had some bad experiment in private, can easily spread on your work and your dj boot can become a real HELL!
stripper shoes
Learn to know your entourage, talk with the girls and learn about the music they like! watch your co-worker move on stage it’s will help you when they gonna ask you for a new tracks!. When you start your night Greet them with a smile and remark when she change her haircut, when she buy new gears don’t be scare to tell them compliment. ex: hello Sarah your new hair style rock, oh Keisha you dress is very sexy i like the colour.. All women without exception like when you tell them they are beautiful and sexy!
BUT remember you can flirt with them, but before have any outside club relationship learn to know the women you are working with! does she have a boyfriend? do your manager or your boss have a crush on her? NEVER compete with manager or your boss for a stripper!!

Welcome to my first post!

hey! my name is jean-francois i’m working as DJ in stripper club for several years and i’d like to introduce you to my world! sorry if i do some spelling mistake because my native languages is not english, i am french canadian i live in the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada!

Working in a strippers club seem to be a dream jobs for most man because we are surrounded by lots of cute womens, but in reality this is a very hard duty including lots stress and asking a lots of different skill and all over you need a very large knowledge of all musical style and wide range of era from old 70’s and disco to top 40 to today techno house and you have to know more underground music such as heavy metal, industrial and Gothic !

so in this blog i’ll try to inform you a little bit about my job as a stripper club DJ and i’ll give you some musical advice, if you are a stripper and you are reading this blog i invite you to read my blog every time you are looking for new music for your stage! i’ll post my musical discover several time a week! if you need a fast song for your first stage or a ambient song for your second stage i wish this blog will become your music reference!!